Who we are?

12 years back when Asan Service began its services technology in Pakistan had already evolved in the mainstream. Keeping upgraded cellphone and gadgets are everyone’s first priority and considered as fashion and are still followed. The worst case scenario is a warranty that expired after a year.

We thought here something to introduce differently! Something unique! Our idea is relatively bigger, which will ultimately provide long-term benefit to the customer. For this very reason, we thought to go online. We now officially launch “Extended Warranty System”, which is 1 year plus warranty system that will fully be covered by Asan Service.

We started this, years back and now we are bringing it to masses so that everyone can get benefit from this idea.

We are Here to Help You

Your One Stop Solution

We sell NEW Mobile Phones with 1 Year plus Warranty and provide Customer Care Service at your doorstep with an easy option of COD across Pakistan.


Our mission is to be Pakistan’s best online Cell phones selling and Customer Care Service providers.


Our vision is clear, transparent and customer-centric. We believe in providing valuable service to our customers with complete satisfaction at the time of executing a deal with us.